Product Development


Take your product development to another level

Explore manufacturing processes using functional prototypes to determine

  • Part weight
  • Assembly process
  • Overall manufacturability

Eliminate time consuming and costly tooling, produce a real world part within days instead of months.

Functional prototyping and concept modelling give design and engineering terms the ability to manufacture and test products in a real world environment. A finished 3D printed concept model helps to communicate ideas that transform digital CAD files on a screen into final products for user testing, design verification or product design iterations. Concept models allows ideas to be communicated to broader teams approval, design revisions or marketing purposes.

Functional prototyping and concept modelling speed up the product development lifecycles, allowing iterative proof-of-concept testing and helping test design features and functionality early in the design process. Many times, functional prototypes require multiple manufacturing technologies in order to create the desired final product.