dTopology Platform

Topology optimisation and Manufacturing Services

Make your product Better, Lighter & Fast with our dTopology platform

Topology optimization is an algorithmic process that reveals the most efficient design based on a set of constraints or characteristics, often by removing material from the design. It concerns the number of connected components/boundaries belonging to the domain. Unlike sizing and shape optimization, structures optimized through topology optimization can attain any shape within the design space.

Use our expertise in Topology optimization in early product development state to design for lighter and stiffer structures. Using our dTopology Platform you will be able to boost innovative designs within a significantly shorter development time.

Benefits of using dTopology Platform are-

  • Create lightweight design and manufacture product in short time
  • Support for additive and subtractive manufacturing
  • Reduce time-to-market, physical tests, and prototype builds 
  • Base your design on existing FEA simulations, including:
    • Available design space
    • Realistic load scenarios and boundary conditions
    • Design and manufacturing constraints