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DigiPro 3D objective is to build proficient customized 3D printers and 3D printing solutions that are tailored to meet client application. We are an award-winning company for our 3D printer design.

DigiPro 3D specializes in rapid prototyping, sand and investment casting patterns for various number of castings, batch production of 3D printed parts and product development. We offer end to end casting and product development solutions.
Our experienced team of engineers and 3D printing expertise at our firm are the best in their own way and we promise to provide cost-effective and timely service to our esteemed clients.

We have manufactured over thousands of different parts and served over hundreds of customers ranging from Automotive, Medical, Electronics and Engineering sector.

Make it better. Make it with DigiPro 3D


Mr. Padmaraj Jain, Panamera Technologies

We are very happy with the quality of work that DigiPro 3D has rendered to us. The services of DigiPro 3D are very critical to our company’s operations and to our success.

Mr. Rahul Patil, Technocraft Engineering

I have found DigiPro 3D to be extremely effective and resourceful in providing accurate and finished parts in a timely fashion. Their efforts have produced high quality results time and time again.





Mr. Sanket Awati, Arora Technologies (P) LTD

DigiPro 3D has always been responsive to our needs and has helped us in situations where time and information have been limited. DigiPro 3D is a very professional group and provide unmatched customer services.



Mr. Shailesh Padalkar, VIT pune

It is with great pleasure and confidence I recommend 3D Printers of DigiPro 3D. I greatly value the 3D printer I receive from DigiPro 3D and will continue to recommend their 3D printers and services to professional colleagues.





First price in IMTEX Tool Tech Exhibition January 2019 for innovative 3D printer model

First award in NAFEMS international Conference July 2018 for advanced 3d printing applications

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