3D Printed Casting Patterns

Investment and Sand Casting Patterns


Accelerate casting production timeline with high quality 3D Printed casting patterns

Casting is a manufacturing methodology that has been around for thousands of year while there has been some degree of automation in the foundry industry, the need for pattern around which to make the cast shape remains a constant ad waiting for tooling to create a pattern can take weeks or months costing tens to hundreds of thousands of rupees.

3D Printed pattern offers a toll-free, fast, reliable and accurate alternative to patterns created using tooling, reducing the cost of creating a pattern by as much as 90% and produced in one-tenth of the time.

DigiPro 3D on demand Manufacturing offers rapid production of casting patterns. 3D Printed Patterns can be created quickly and deliver more complex parts that can be created with injection molded wax patterns.We provide 3D printed polymer patterns and WAX patterns depending upon the needs and applications of our customers.

Advantages of 3D Printed patterns:

  • Rapid productions as compared to traditional tooling
  • Provides invaluable shrink and gating information prior to hard tooling.
  • Low moisture absorption and expansion of patterns.
  • High dimensional stability
  • Excellent for high details, High resolution build
  • Highest surface level finishes and complexity
  • Quick lead time
  • No tooling required
  • Lower cost for initial development
  • No special finishing required.
  • Accerlates casting process.